-Ecology and ecosystem management

-Environmental restoration and ecological engineering

-Conservation, management, planning and modelling of water resources,

-Reuse of reclaimed waters,

-Quality control of drinking waters,

-Water treatment technologies,

-Disinfection and disinfection by-products,

-Water and climate change


-Biodiversity and conservation

- Indoor/outdoor air quality and monitoring, modelling, management,

-Air pollution and climate change,

-Pollution prevention and control technologies,

-Air sampling technologies.

-Bioenergy from biomass,                                                  

-Green energy and sustainability

-Climate change and environmental dynamics

-Environmental planning, management, and policies for cities and regions

-Environmental education

-Soil Pollution, remediation, management and reclamation

-Plastic pollution

-Noise pollution, control, and, modelling tools

-Insulating materials for the noise pollution

-Environmental Economics,

-Environmental Law, Politics and Policy

-Persistent Organic Pollutants: Occurrence and Fate in the Environment

-Public health and environment

-Toxicity assessment and epidemiologic studies

-Solid waste and management

-Integrated ecosystems management

-Ground water pollution and remediation

- And other issues on the environment

9th ICERAT - International Congress on Environmental Research and Technology


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